Autumn / Winter 2018

Inspiration doesn’t always come from a destination, it can also come from the journey.

Step into winter with style

Embracing the colder months as an excuse to layer up and re-discover luxurious warm fabrics like cashmere and merino wool. It’s a chance to pair complimentary colours and contrasting textures; to balance rugged, weighty pieces with sleek tailoring.

Are striking and rich

With bold checks featuring throughout the outerwear pieces. Make a sartorial impact with this winter’s statement coats and strike just the right balance of classic and boundary-push.

Suits stay sharp

And remain easy to wear even in the heavier weight wools. The rich textures and elegant intricacies of classic suitings come into their own at this time of year – bolder and sturdier.


A luxury wardrobe of your own


The season’s jacket collections are perfect for winter casual and elegant weekend wardrobe. Some blended for a strong, high contrast look, elsewhere softly finished for a more refined result. Innovative fabric techniques like jaspé yarns add to the depth and feel of the jackets.


The collection is packed with pieces for warm winter layering, not least the sportswear inspired knitwear with a luxury finish. In simple neutrals they add warmth and textural detail to a classic suit; in brighter, bolder colours they add some eye-catching personality, too.


Still reign supreme in made to measure


Greys, blacks and blues are smart and practical. Tan or camel are seasonal stand-outs. Closely fitted versions are timelessly stylish while a baggier drape adds a dash of modernity. Whatever style fits you, Scabal’s overcoat collection has all the components of perfection. From the most noble pure cashmere, vicuna blend or pure camel hair in variety of weights and finishes.


Make it yours


Scabal’s dedication goes into all the essentials that complement a gentleman’s wardrobe.  The made-to-measure leather outerwear range is designed in-house by Scabal; made by hand in Italy.  Bomber jackets, blousons and gilets are all available in suede, shearling and nappa – each individual piece of leather cut by hand. Choose the fit, finish and colour for a bespoke leather jacket perfect for completing a look in any season.


Scabal always delivers


Formal functions, prestigious galas, evening weddings, society soirées. Be it a classic tuxedo, a traditional morning suit or a piqué-detailed shirt, every elegant eveningwear outfit or accoutrement is available, crafted, naturally, from the highest quality materials, and tailored to every customer’s individual needs.


Make a statement


Whether it’s your big day or whether you want to cut a dash at someone else’s, Scabal specialises in the exceptional. With deft craftsmanship, unique personalisation and a renowned history, sartorial satisfaction can be guaranteed.


Your final touch


In addition to custom shirts and outerwear, Scabal also stocks a range of accessories to complete the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Luxurious cashmere and vicuna scarves, gem-encrusted cuff links, the finest leather belts, there are items to complete every look.


Built around you


Personalising a made-to-measure suit is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from a suit made to your exacting specifications. Every aspect of its construction, from lapels to trouser pleats, is outlined by you, while handpicked buttons, linings and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.

The World's Finest Fabrics


At Scabal everything begins with cloth, which is why we offer our made-to-measure suit customers the finest selection, with many woven at our English mill. Wool, pure linen, cashmere and rare silks are only a few of the choices available.

discover our cloths 

The making of


A sartorial experience


Scabal have long been proud of their dedication to skill and craftsmanship. We work with our hands, to turn a raw material into a product of distinction. The process is an artform, because for us, it’s only a true craftsman who possesses the passion, the talent, and the touch to create something exquisite. From wool, we fashion high-grade garments for the modern gentleman. We believe you can’t create the unique without care, creativity and genuine craft.

For the first time, both the Menswear and the SR Junior collection were shot in a unique setting, Matera, city of soul, which has been elected as the 2019 European Capital of Culture. Called the “City of the Sassi” (City of the Stones), it is known for the namesake neighborhoods that make up one of the world’s oldest housing clusters. In December 1993, the Sassi were recognised as a world patrimony of UNESCO. Matera is a pure essence of fascination and mystery in which the blues are mirrored along with the black illuminated on the surface of the textiles that recall the materiality of linen, the white that breaks and yet unites, the beige that encloses enchantment in a garden of stone. The Sassi are like landscapes of the soul, which suit the style of the man who chooses to wear unique garments, handmade in Italy with virtuosity by STEFANO RICCI.

Now is no time to pine for waning warmth, it’s a season to embrace in all its leaf-dropped, crisp morning glory. Sartorially speaking, it’s a time to layer-up in the finest fabrics and embrace texture, structure and precision – exemplified no better than in a three-piece suit.


The three-piece suit is the pièce de résistance of men’s tailoring: a harmonious combination of jacket, trouser and waistcoat with a regal history. It was Charles II, bored of Paris influencing global fashions, who adapted a long waistcoat, to be worn with a knee-length coat and similar length shirt. And so the three-piece suit was born.

At its simplest and sharpest, all three parts are perfectly matched in colour, texture and cut – a gentleman’s most sophisticated staple. A dose of personality can be added by choosing more unexpected fabrics (Indiana Jones opted for tweed when in poised professor mode), or by mixing and matching the colour and texture of the waistcoat. At its core, though, is a versatility and sartorial sharpness that is unmatched – the unflappable appearance of numerous James Bonds has been helped by a well-put-together three-piece.


Whether used as a layer of subtle insulation or as a statement piece in its own right, there is waistcoat wisdom to remember.

Firstly, it should sit proudly above the drape of the suit jacket, rather than hide away under its lapels. It should fit snugly front and back and that last button must always remain unfastened.

As part of a three-piece, choose subtly different fabrics for an eye-catching look, or keep things consistent in the same cut and finish – neutral colours work best whichever the preferred route.

Scabal's newly designed waistcoat is tailored to the body. Three new designs are on offer: a classical V shape, a shawl collar, and a notch lapel.



Made in England under the expert guidance of our highly experienced craftsmen, Tornado is a fine cloth in a medium weight of 320g. A go-to choice for stylish dress suits.



Crafted in Super 120's Pure Wool, Cortina is the perfect cloth to warm you up as the temperature drops. Design include bold glenchecks and overchecks, as well as attention-grabbing Saxony-style motifs and pinheads.



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